J&K Cabinetry Arizona Certificates and Accolades

J&K Cabinetry has successfully completed the rigorous battery of tests simulating years of typical household use of their cabinetry and achieved the nationally recognized KCMA certification seal for the KCMA/ANSI 161.1 Standard.

J&K Cabinets’ hardwood-plywood materials are fully CARBII compliant with “California 93120 Phase 2” (CARB 2) standard for formaldehyde emissions.

J&K Cabinetry Manages, Maintains and Fully Complies with all NKBA guidelines to assure our customers of the best practices in design and functionality.

J&K Cabinets’ uses “AkzoNoble”—a leading global company in sustainable lead-free paints, stains and coatings for our cabinet finishes.